Annie - Safteysuit

There was a girl named Annie
She had a very pretty face
And not the way you would think
So let me see if I can try to explain it
She had a smile that could light up the room
And if she moved it'd be moving in you
But she wasn't like a magazine
She was just plain Jane
And her name was Annie

She never looked in the mirror
She never liked what she would see
And even if I tried to tell her
She never listened to a word I'd say
She always wanted what she never had
But never had what she needed so badly
Someone telling her she was fine
And that's not right and its why I'm saying

Den bästa jävla låten jag har hört på länge. Och varje gång jag lyssnar på den (vilket är ca. 20 gånger om dagen kanske) tänker jag på dig. För texten handlar om dig!


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